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What is Headset Mode?

Headset mode allows you to make and receive calls through a headset instead of the phone's handset or speakerphone as the default audio method.

You can switch to and from headset mode at any time, even during an active call.


Enabling/Disabling Headset Mode

Press the  (headset) button to toggle headset mode on or off.

If headset mode is enabled, the phone's home screen will show a headset icon at the top of the screen and a "Headset mode!" text alert at the bottom.


Adjusting the Headset Volume

Headset volume is affected by a combination of the headset's own setting and the phone's setting. If you adjust the volume directly on the headset, this does not change the setting on the phone itself. You may need to adjust both in order to achieve the desired result.

 While the headset is in use, press the + or - buttons on the phone to increase/decrease the phone's volume setting.



Muting the Microphone

To mute your microphone so that the other party cannot hear you, press your headset's built-in mute button, if available, or press the  (mute) button on the phone.

To un-mute the microphone, press headset's built-in mute button or the  (mute) button on the phone again.

Switching from Headset Mode to Another Mode During a Call

Headset to Handset: Pick up the handset.

Headset to Speakerphone: Press the  (speaker) button.



If you are using the headset and press the (headset) button without doing either of the above, the call will go to the handset if it is off-hook, or the speakerphone if the handset is on-hook.

Switching from Another Mode to Headset Mode During a Call

Press the  (headset) button.

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