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Creating a Conference Call

You can natively hold up to a 5 person conference including yourself assuming you have setup 4 Line keys on your phone.

Assuming you are in a call with person "A" and you want to add person "B" to the call:

  1. Press the Line 2 key. Person "A" is put on hold.

  2. Enter the number of person "B."
  3. Press the Send soft key or #, and wait for person "B" to answer.
  4. Press the  (conference) button or the Conference soft key. Person "A" and person "B" are now in a conference call with you.

Adding Additional Callers to a Conference

You can repeat the process above, using additional line keys, to add more callers to a conference. The conference participants are put on hold while you call each additional participant.


The number of available lines limits the maximum number of conference participants.

Splitting a Conference Call

  1. Press the Split soft key during a conference call to separate the conference call into individual calls. Each conference participant will be put on hold.

  2. You can now press the line key for any of the on-hold calls to pick one up. The other caller(s) will remain on hold.



  • If person "B" does not answer, you can continue the conversation with person "A."
  • If you hang up, the conference call will end, but if others hang up, the conversation can continue.
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