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Overview of Call Parking Feature

Call Parking allows you to park a caller so that another extension can retrieve the caller held in the parking lot. Please see Call Parking module wiki for more information on how Parking Lots can be configured on your PBX.

Parking a Caller

  • If you have a Park Button setup on your Sangoma Phone you can press it at anytime while on a call with someone.

  • The caller will be parked and the slot number will be played back to you where the caller was parked.

Viewing and Retrieving Parked Calls

  • Pressing the Park button while not on a call will display a list of parked calls. You can see the caller ID of the person parked and how long they have been parked for.

  • From here you can pick up any specific parked call by using the up/down arrow keys and and pressing Dial. You can also use the Refresh button to update the list.

Setting up a Park Button on your Phone

  • You can setup a Park Button on your phone using the PBX End Point Manager by modifying your button layout for your Sangoma s500 or s700 Phones.
  • Go into End Point Manager in your PBX and pick on the Sangoma Brand on the left menu bar.

  • Click on the template in End Point Manager that you want to change a button for.

  • Click on the Models menu tab at the top 

  • Select a model number you want to add a Park Button for

  • Scroll down the your first available Line Key that is not used

  • From the Drop Down of button types pick XML-API

  • You can optionally change the label name to be something different then Parking if you want.  The Label is the name that will be shown on your Phone Screen for that button.

  • You can now drag the button to be in a different spot. In our example we will drag Button 21 that we just setup as a Intercom button up toward the top to make it button 4 on the phone.  Left click on the button and while holding down your left mouse drag the button to a different spot and release it.
  • Save the Model using the 

  • If you go back into the model number it will show Intercom as button 4 now.
  • We now need to update the phone config.  Our 3 options at the bottom of the template are
    • Save Template- This will only save your changed into the PBX Database but will not write out new config files for the phones that are using this template as mapped in Extension Mapping section of End Pint Manager.
    • and Rebuild Configs- This will save your changes to the PBX Database and will also write out new config file for the phones that are using this template as mapped in Extension Mapping section of End Pint Manager but the phones will need to be rebooted for it to retrieve the changes.
    • and Force Update- Will do both the Rebuild Configs option above but also update any phones that are mapped to use this template and currently registered to the PBX immediately with no need to reboot the phones.

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