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The Call History section allows you to view missed, received, and dialed calls, as well as add the number to your contacts list, blacklist the number, or call the number.

Viewing Calls

  1. Press the History soft key.

  2. "All Calls" will be shown by default.
    1.  = Missed
    2.  = Received
    3.  = Dialed

  3. You can use the < and > (left and right arrow) buttons to filter by call type: All CallsMissed CallsReceived Calls, and Dialed Calls. The current filter option is shown at the top of the screen.

Deleting Calls Individually

  1. Use the Λ or V (up and down arrow) buttons to select a call from the list.
  2. Press the Delete soft key to remove the call from the call history.


  1. Use the Λ or V (up and down arrow) buttons to select a call from the list.

  2. Press the Option soft key.

  3. Use the Λ or V (up and down arrow) buttons to highlight an option, then press the OK soft key or the √ (checkmark) button to select the option.

Note: Call History Options detailed above are displayed until Firmware version:  X.0.4.67 as described in: Phone Firmware Release Notes
On latest Firmware the options are Detail, Edit before dial and Delete all.
Image taken from S705 Phone with Firmware version X.0.4.75:


This screen provides details of the call such as Name, Number, Start Time, Duration, and Account.

Press the Back soft key to go back to the previous screen, or the Dial soft key to call the number shown. (You are not required to highlight the number first.)

Add to Contacts

You can save contact information such as Name, NumberMobile NumberOther NumberAccountRing ToneGroup, and Photo.

  1. Use the < > Λ (arrow) buttons to navigate and the phone keypad to enter text and numbers. To cycle between the numbers/letters/symbols available for each key, press the key multiple times or use the and (left and right arrow) buttons. Tip: The "space" option is found under the "0" (zero) key. You can use the 2ab soft key to cycle among 2ab, 123, abc, and ABC, which are various input options limiting which characters can be entered.

  2. Press the Save soft key when done.

Now, any call history for this caller, as well as new inbound calls from this caller, will display the name you entered.


Add to Blacklist

This option adds the caller to the blacklist, preventing you from receiving further calls from this caller ID.

To add the number to the blacklist, press the Save soft key.

Delete All

This option deletes all of the calls associated with list that you are currently viewing (All CallsMissed CallsReceived Calls, or Dialed Calls, as shown at the top of the screen).

For example, if you are viewing the Missed Calls page, all of the missed calls would be deleted from the call history, and they will no longer show up here or on the All Calls page. However, the other calls (received and dialed) will still appear in the call history.

Dialing a Number

From the List

  1. Use the Λ or V (up and down arrow) buttons to select a call from the list.

  2. Press the Send soft key or press the √ (checkmark) button. An outbound call will be placed immediately.

From the Call Detail Screen

Press the Dial soft key or the √ (checkmark) button. An outbound call will be placed immediately.

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