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Data API For Sangoma A101,A102,A104, A108 (E1/T1) and A142/A144 telephony CardsModes of operation

    • HDLCThe sample application runs on top of a hdlc interface and receives HDLC formated frames.
      HDLC framing is done in AFT hardware.
    • Transparent (Bitstreaming) Mode: The sample application runs on top of a raw transparent interface and 
      receives all bits on the line in configurable block size.
      HDLC framing is turned off in hardware
    • Protocol API Mode: The AFT API can run on top of a protocol interface such as: PPP, CHDLC, ATM, Frame Relay. 
      Support For S518 ADSL, Multilink PPP, PPPoE over ADSL

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