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For the information on this page, please reference the diagram below:

analog phone connected to analog card


With reference to the diagram above, When the analog phone is taken off-hook, the dial tone that is heard actually comes from Asterisk (not the Sangoma card/driver).

If you do not hear dial tone when you take the analog phone off hook, follow the steps below to help resolve

  1. Verify Analog phone is functional
    1. Plug the analog phone into another device that you have confirmed provides dial tone (i.e. Telco line)
  2. Verify that you have plugged in the analog phone into an FXS port on the Sangoma card (not an FXO port)
    1. FXS ports light up GREEN colour
  3. Verify Asterisk system is up and running (the application that provides ringtone)
    1. If you can log into the Asterisk command line, then Asterisk is up and running
    2. type the asterisk command 'dahdi show channels' inside the Asterisk CLI. This will verify that your analog channel is registered by Asterisk
      1. If you do not see any channels after typing this command, try restarting asterisk, followed by reconfiguring Sangoma card with 'wancfg_dahdi' Linux script (if persists).  
        Below is a sample output of dahdi show channels presenting correctly with channels:

        CLI> dahdi show channels
         Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State Description 
         pseudo default default In Service 
         1 from-pstn default In Service 
         2 from-pstn default In Service 
         3 from-pstn default In Service 


  4. If the above 3 steps did not help to resolve your issue, you now need to verify that the Sangoma driver recognizes when you take the phone off-hook
    1. Run the following Sangoma Driver command inside your Linux command line to check the voltage on the port

      wanpipemon -i wXg1 -c astats -m Y

      replace X with '1' if you only have 1 Sangoma analog card in your system, otherwise replace it with the card number in question
      replace Y with the port number that the phone is plugged into (on back of Sangoma card). 

      Example: wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c astats -m 1 

      ------- Voltage Status  (FXS,port 0) -------
      TIP     : - 6.0160 Volts
      RING    : -53.7680 Volts
      VBAT    : -63.1680 Volts

      Try lifting the phone off-hook and and on-hook.  The above TIP and RING voltages should change with this action.
      If the TIP and RING voltages do not change, this means that the Card/port is not detecting your analog phone.

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