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The average analog line uses what is called FSK caller ID.

This sends the CID info via the FSK format. In some areas the CID info is sent through DTMF tones; these are the same tones you use to navigate an IVR. 

General Practice:

Below is the steps to enable DTMF CID in Asterisk and Wanpipe. 

  1. Open each individual Wanpipe file and add the the variable "RM_FAKE_POLARITY = YES":
    -> vi /etc/wanpipe/wanpipe1.conf (as well as wanpipe2.conf, wanpipe3...if you have more 
    -> In the WanpipeX section add RM_FAKE_POLARITY = YES
    see below for diagram:
  2. Add "cidsignalling=dtmf" and "cidstart=polarity" into /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
    See diagram below: 

In some regions the following needs to be done, the difference is "polarity_IN" for details on this see  

  • Add the line "RM_FAKE_POLARITY = YES" into /etc/wanpipe/wanpipe*.conf in the wanpipeX section (As seen above).
  • Add "cidsignalling=dtmf" and "cidstart=polarity_IN" into /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf


In order to enable INDIA DTMF CLID in A200 + Asterisk setup, we need to follow below steps -


  1. Enable below settings in chan_dahdi.conf
  2. Try CLID type configuration as mentioned in below link  
  3.  Disable / Enable "RM_FAKE_POLARITY" in wanpipeX.conf file.

If still not working then proceed with below step.

Asterisk Re-compilation:

  1. AST_MIN_DTMF_GAP: Minimum amount of time between the end of the last digit and the beginning of a new one.  This is defined in main/channel.c.  Change this value to 35.
  2. AST_MIN_DTMF_DURATION: Minimum allowed DTMF digit length. Defines in main/asterisk.c. Change this value to  45. (Note: "mindtmfduration" configuration option might present "asterisk.conf" in latest asterisk version, so we can change the same from configuration file as well).
  3. After changing above two fields, perform clean compilation of asterisk i.e. "make clean && make && make install".
  4. After recompilation, again perform "configuration" section steps.
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