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Audio Issues

1) Enable recording as shown at NCA - Call Recording

2) Enable General Logging as shown below.

General Logging

In order to properly troubleshoot an NCA issue please follow the 4 steps below to increase logging and gather audio recordings:

1) Enable NCA Logging by setting the "DEVELOPMENT default loggers" section as uncommented (remove the hashes).

Also, disable the "PRODUCTION default logger" by commenting out (add hashes) the 'log4cplus.rootLogger='  line in the following 2 files:



The changed configuration in both files should look as follows:

# Logger severity overrides


#DEVELOPMENT default loggers configuration. Use in DEVELOPMENT stage to ease troubleshooting
# Use either this or the one below
# PRODUCTION default logger configuration. Optimized for speed and long term maintenance.
# Avoid large files and big amount of files.
# Use either this or the one above


For major issues, please also modify the default log-level settings in each of the previous files from "INFO" to "DEBUG" so that we are able to capture as much information as possible.

2) Enable call-recording by modifying line 22 of to equal "true".

The changed config file should look as follows:

# recorder settings 


3) Restart NCA : the service MUST be restarted in order to apply the changes.

4) Reproduce the exact issue you are facing by making 5-10 calls that demonstrate the problem.  If possible, make 5-10 calls that do not experience the issue as well so we can more easily distinguish the exact issue you are facing.
Once the logs have been generated, zip up and send us the following folders:

  • /log/
  • /config/
  • If you are on a Linux system please also include /var/log/messages

5) Upload your logs :

Please ensure that the 'call-logs' directory has been created under the /log/ directory after making the changes above.  
There should be a csv file alongside a multitude of logs sets which correspond to distinct calls made in step 4.  
These logs should be organized in a hierarchical date/time directory structure.

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