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Release Contents

libsngtc/ Sangoma transcoding (SNGTC API) library that contains the DLL and Header Files
example Sample code that can be used to develop a customer application




Example Code Compilation

  1. Example code is compiled using the Visual Studio
    --> Open "sng_tc_test.sln" using Visual Studio and rebuild project
  2. The resulting binary will be located in
    --> Release Directory 
  3. Execute the test applicatoin
    --> test_thread.exe <enter>

    This application will attempt to autodetect the D100 card in the local machine. 

    The auto detection will FAIL because the MAC address of the local ethernet device 
    where D100 is suppose to be located has been hard coded.  

    Edit the test_thread application and change the MAC address to the MAC address
    of your D100 card.  This information can be obtained from:
    --> ipconfig /all
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