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This document describes the media transcoding capacity of a single transcoding hw module.

Product Breakdown

  • D100 - contains a single hw transcoding module
  • D150 - contains a single hw transcoding module
  • D500 - can contain up to 5 hw transcoding modules 


NOTE:   Transcoding to/from signed linear codec (L16_1).  

Transcoding Module(Use 12 DSP resources per module) 
Software 1.2.3 
FirmwareVocallo 01.04.03-B53-PR 
License480 (with license for 12 DSP resources per module)
CardD-100 PCI-Express (1 module) 
OSCentOS 5.0, x64 
CPUIntel(R) Core(TM)2 QuadCPUQ8200@ 2.33GHz
Codec10ms Packets (Max Calls)20ms Packets (Max Calls)30ms Packets (Max Calls)40ms Packets (Max Calls)50ms Packets (Max Calls)
G729AB310 460470420470
AMR_1220X 220X 230X 
AMR_475X280X 290X 
ILBC_152X 330X 330X 
ILBC_133X X 280X X 
G723_1_53X X 220X X 
G723_1_63X X210X X
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