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If you are experiencing issues with the transcoding card in your environment and want to verify hardware functionality, you can run a test application called "sngtc_client".

Use the test if you experience the following:

-> You believe that you cannot communicate with the Hardware transcoder

-> Audio issue with transcoding

-> The test application is located in sng-tc-<arch>-<ver>/client, and can be run simply by typing "sngtc_client" in your command line 

This test application will use a sample file of your choice and attempt to create transcoding sessions with the transcoder module residing inside the transcoder card.  If no errors occur, the transcoded output files will be created, which can then be used in an audio analyzer for quality analysis.

All the output files are simply replicas, so you can choose to analyze anyone.

To start using the application, you must first have sngtc server running.  To turn it on, type:

-> sngtc_server_ctrl start

Bellow is an example string that was used to transcode an input file in gsm (demo-congrats.gsm) to linear(L16_1) with 30 sessions.

->  sngtc_client -incodec gsm_fr -outcodec L16_1 -infile demo-congrats.gsm -outfile /output/demo-results -interval 20 -bindip -sessions 30 -verbosity 2

The 'bindip' in the example above is the IP address of the ethernet interface of the transcoder card (if using d150/D500 via LAN, this would be the actual IP address of the transcoder).  Each item in the sample string above should be self explanatory.  However, if you are unsure, run sngtc_client  in the directory and press <Enter>, which will give a description for each possible option

Simply run 1 or 2 sessions (-session 2) if you want to verify that you can communicate with the Hardware.


Ideally, you should be able to create the amount of sessions that your transcoder is licensed for.  Keep in mind that some codec translations involve more processing than others, so depending on what codecs you chose to transcode you might not reach exactly the amount of license sessions.

-> If you experience some errors during the test, please make sure that your firewall is not preventing traffic on the ethernet interface.  To turn firewall off temporarily to run the test application type:

->/etc/init.d/iptables stop

Then to turn them back on:

->/etc/init.d/iptables start

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