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If you have purchased your transcoder card before November 10th, 2010, a manual firmware upgrade is required in order to use software releases 1.2.0 and above.   Cards shipped after this date will include the latest firmware. The following instructions will guide you through the firmware upgrade procedure.  

  1. Verify the transcoder card is not in use and stop the sngtc server.  To stop the server, simply run the following command in the Linux CLI:
    -> sngtc_server_ctrl stop
  2. Skip to step 6 if you are using the transcoder with Sangoma Media Gateway (SMG).  Do not download/install the transcoder release if you have SMG, otherwise it will corrupt your entire package
  3. Download the architecture specific software package: Media Transcoding Download
  4. Install the software package in a location of your choice (i.e. /usr/src) on the system containing the transcoding module
    -> cd sng-tc-<arch>-<ver>/
    -> make
    -> make install
  5. Access the firmware utility directory and install
    -> cd server/sngtc_tool
    -> make install
  6. Run the following command to update the firmware on the transcoder card

      -> sngtc_tool -dev ethX -firmware  

(ethX must be replaced with the ethernet interface of the transcoder card you wish to upgrade)


The firmware upgrade is now complete, please reboot your system before using the transcoder card again

If you experience any error messages during the firmware update, please contact Sangoma Technical Support

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