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The Voicemail Reports module is not to be confused with Voicemail Admin, found under Settings. This wiki is for the Voicemail Reports commercial module.



The Voicemail Reports module is useful for taking a quick look at recent voicemail activity and how the voicemail boxes are configured. You can tell if voicemail users have recorded their greetings and, if required, listen to them as well. The Voicemail Reports module provides “at-a-glance” access to basic voicemail usage and setup. This module is particularly useful on system turn-up, helping to ensure that all voicemail users complete their personalization of the voicemail application.

Logging In

  • In the top menu go to Reports
  • In the drop-down menu go to Voicemail

Greetings and Settings Tab

When you first navigate to the Voicemail Reports module, you should be on the Greetings and Settings tab. Click that tab if not there already.

This tab gives you further insight into your voicemail system. You can quickly tell who needs to record names and greetings, and you can listen to those recordings. (Recording a name will prevent the system from using text-to-speech to say someone's name in the dial-by-name directory.) You can also see who is set up to receive voicemail to e-mail. Voicemail users are listed in a table with the following columns:

  • Mailbox: The mailbox that all of the following options apply to. Name and extension number are displayed.
  • Password: The password for the mailbox.
  • Name: This recording is played when a caller finds the user in the dial-by-name directory, or when the caller first reaches the user's mailbox.
  • Busy: This recording is played if the callee is busy.
  • Unavailable: This recording is played if the callee is unavailable.
  • Temporary: This recording is played if someone has set their voicemail to use the temporary (out-of-office) message.
  • Attach: An e-mail will be sent to the address shown in this column when a voicemail is left, and the voicemail file will be included in the e-mail.
  • Delete: If this column reads "Yes," then a voicemail will be deleted from the mailbox after it is e-mailed to the user. 

View Voicemails Tab

Click the View Voicemails tab.


 This section allows you to review all the voicemail messages currently residing on the system.

  • Mailbox: The mailbox this message belongs to.
  • Date: The date this message was left.
  • Folder: The folder this message currently resides in.
  • Caller ID: The Caller ID of the person who left the message.
  • Duration: The length of the message in seconds.

Audio Controls

In the Greetings and Settings tab and the View Voicemails tab, you can listen to recordings saved on the system, if your browser supports it.



 Loop (click again to stop looping)

 Mute (click again to unmute)


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