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In the voicemail section we can view, listen and manage our voicemail settings.

Managing Voicemail Messages

  • For each extension we can see all our voicemails.

  • For each voicemail we can see the following;
    • Date- Date voicemail was left
    • Time- Time voicemail was left
    • CID- Caller ID of who left the voicemail if supplied
    • Mailbox- Extension number where voicemail was left
    • Length- Length in Mins and Seconds of the message
    • Controls- For each message we can choose any of the following Controls



Play the voicemail message in your browser
Download the voicemail message onto your computer
Delete the voicemail message from the system.



  • While playing a voicemail you can use normal player controls to pause, fast-forward and rewind the message inside your browser.

  • On the left side are a list of folders that voicemails can be moved to.  Clicking on any folder will bring up the voicemails inside that folder.
  • At anytime you can drag a voicemail from any folder into any other folder and the message count next to each folder will auto update.



Managing Voicemail Settings.

  • On the left side of our voicemail section we have a option called Settings.  


  • Settings is where we can manage the following options for our voicemail box.
    • Pin/Password- The password for our voicemail box.
    • Email Address- Email address if defined where to send voicemails to.
    • Play CID- Play the Caller ID of who left the voicemail anytime you listen to the voicemail
    • Play Envelope- Play the date and time stamp of when the voicemail was left anytime you listen to the voicemail.

  • Anytime you make a change there is no save button.  All changes are instant and a greenbox will show up informing you your changes have been saved

Managing Voicemail Greetings.

  • On the left side of our voicemail section we have a option called for Greetings

  •  Greetings are where we can control the announcement that is played to callers with our personal message.  Your PBX has the following types of greetings.
    • Unavailable- The greeting that is played to callers when you are not available to take their call and they go to your voicemail box.
    • Busy- The greeting that is played to callers when you are not available to take their call and you are on another call already.
    • Name- This is a recording of your name and used mainly for things like the Company Directory and other modules.
    • Temp- A Temp greeting when recorded will be played instead of the Unavailable or Busy greeting.  When you delete the greeting your other greetings will be played again.

  • For each greeting you can press the Play button to listen to the Greeting.

  • You can press the Green "UPLOAD GREETING" button to upload a new audio file for your greeting or you can drag your audio file from your computer into the "Drag A NEW GREETING HERE" box to upload a new greeting.

  • Pressing the red "DELTE" button will delete the voicemail greeting.

  • Pressing the Red "RECORD GREETING" button will prompt you to enable your Mic on your compute and let you record your greeting. 

    Press Save once done recording and your new greeting will be saved.

  • If you would like to copy your unavailable greeting to also be your busy greeting simply drag the Unavailable Greeting to the "Drag Box" of the Busy greeting as shown below.




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