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The Vega Gateway Module is already pre-installed on FreePBX and PBXact systems on version 13.XXX and above and requires no installation.
Only follow the below installation steps if your FreePBX and/or PBXact system is below the above stated version. To identify your system version please reference System Admin - Updates

  • Within the PBX GUI, navigate to Admin > Module Admin


  • Select the Commercial repository and click Check Online. This will force your system to search for the FrontDesk Module on Sangoma's Online Repository


    Your system will require internet access for this step


  • Navigate to FrontDesk

  • Expand the menu item and click on Install

  • Scroll to the very bottom of the Module admin and click on Process 

  • Click Confirm to proceed on the next window 

  • A status screen will appear.  Once completed, click return 

  • Back at the PBX GUI click on the Apply Config at the top right of the screen, which should be in red colour

  • The Sangoma Vega Gateway Management Module is now installed. To Verify, Navigate to Connectivity and notice Vega Gateway Manahement in the list 

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