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Directories in User Manager house groups of Users and Groups from directories such as "Active Directory" or "OpenLDAP". You can also create an unlimited number of internal directories or combine multiple Active Directories and OpenLDAP directories with the PBX Internal directories.


Directories can be sorted by dragging and dropping the columns. The highest ranked directory will take priority over the lower directories in terms of User Authentication or username lookups.


The default column let's your PBX know what you assume is the default directory of the system. This is used for legacy PBX applications that are unaware of the directory functionality. To set a new directory as the default simply hover over the cell for Default on the row of the directory you want to be the default and click inside the cell.

Adding a Directory

To add a new directory click the Add button

You will then be presented with a list of options

  • Directory Type: Select the directory type you wish to create. For more information about each type click below:
  • Directory Name: A unique name for the directory
  • Enable Directory: Whether this directory is enabled or not, If not enabled users and groups will not synchronize on a schedule and users will not be allowed to authenticate to the system
  • Synchronize: This setting only applies to authentication engines other than the Internal Directory. For the Internal Directory this setting will be hidden

Deleting a Directory

To delete a directory from the list you can either click the trash can icon  or you can select the row and click the red delete button

Every delete action performed will be presented with a confirmation dialog

Editing a Directory

To edit a directory click the pencil editicon. You can also delete a directory from this view as well by clicking the trash can icon 

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