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The settings module should be your first stop when you log into the User Control Panel for the first time. You can make language changes, update passwords and email addresses and set recording formats and options.


  • Voicemail Password: Specify the password used to access your voicemail account. Note that this password is also used to access the User Control Panel.
  • Email Address: This is the email address that the PBXact will send voicemail alerts to.
  • Attach Voicemail to Email: Select this checkbox if you would like a copy of voicemails delivered to you via email. This is a very nice feature for listening to your office voicemails from your mobile device.
  • Delete Voicemail After Emailed: Select this checkbox if you would like the voiemails to be deleted off the server once they are emailed to you.
  • Pager Address: A short notification alerting you to a new voicemail will be sent to this address.
  • Call Me Number: Call me number can be any dialable number, such as an extension or a cellphone.
  • Audio Format: This is the format that your voicemail messages will be sent in.
  • Say Caller ID: This will say the caller's phone number before playing the voicemail message.
  • Say Envelope (date/time): This will say the date and time a voicemail message was left. This will be played before your voicemail message.


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