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The Presence Section is used in conjunction with XactView and Presence App on the Aastra phones.  It allows you to set your current presence just like you can from XactView or the Presence App on your Aastra phone and is synced with all 3 applications.

Setting a Status

  1. Under the "Set Status To" section pick from the drop down what status you want to set yourself to.

  2. Press the Set button to complete the status change.  Your status change should now be also displayed on your Aastra phone and inside XactView.

Setting Options

  1. Under the options section you can set Call Flow changes that should occur anytime you change to any specific Status.
  2. For example I want to have Do No Disturb enabled anytime I set my status to me "In a Meeting".  We will pick the "In A Meeting" status under options then pick "Do No Disturb" as the action to enable.  Now anytime I set the status of "In A Meeting" my DND will be enabled.  When I come back to a new Status such as Available my DND will be disabled.

  3. For each Status type you can set the following actions.  
    1. Do No Disturb- This will enable the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature of the PBX.
    2. Enable Follow Me- This will enable your Follow Me on your extension.
    3. Call Forward- This will enable Call Forward and let you set a number to forward all calls to.
    4. Do Nothing- This will tell the system not to change anything on Call Flow when using a status that has "Do Nothing" set.  It will follow whatever call flow you have setup on your extension already.
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