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he Call Features section is one of the most used modules in the User Control Panel. From here we can setup call forwarding, Call waiting, DND and more.

  • Call Waiting
    Allows you to toggle call waiting on and off.
  • Do Not Disturb
    Allows you to control DND from your browser. For example, you leave the office and forget to put your phone on DND. You are now able to log into the User Control panel and put your phone on DND.
  • Call Screening
    Requires callers to state there name and it is played to you and you have the option to accept or reject the call. Note that call screening information is stored in memory so a caller only has to go through this process once per phone number they are calling you on.
  • Call Forwarding: Unconditional
    Will call forward every inbound call no matter what. Unavailable - If you do not answer your phone it will be sent to the call forward number set here. Busy - Will forward calls to the number set here if you are busy / on another call.


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