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The Follow Me Module is used to ring multiple phones at pre determined intervals. A common setup is to have an inbound call ring your desk phone 3-4 times, and then ring your cell phone 3-4 times. This way if you step away from your desk for a few moments you will not miss a call.

  • Enable:  Toggle Follow Me on and off.

  • Follow Me List:  Extension and outside numbers to ring. Include your extension to keep it ringing "Recommended"

  • Ring EXT First For:  Time to ring the extension before ringing the follow me list.

  • Ring Follow me List For:  Time to ring the follow me list before going to EXT voicemail.

  • Use Confirmation:  If you are putting outside numbers in this list like Cell Phones or Home Phone numbers that you will want to check this option.  When a call comes to your external numbers it will prompt you to press 1 to accept the call or 2 to decline.  This will keep your cell phone voicemail from answering the call and sending the caller to the voicemail box on your cell phone and send the caller back to your Voicemail Box at the office.

In the example below and inbound call will ring our extension for 3-4 rings about 12 seconds, it will then ring out cell phone and extension at the same time should no one answer at the extension for 20 seconds before going to our voicemail box at the office..

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