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The Conference Pro section allows you to set some basic settings for any conference rooms that your user is set the owner of.

For each Conference Room you can set the following settings;

  • Wait for Leader-  If set to yes the Conference Room will mute all attendees and play music on hold until the Conference Room owner arrives into the Conference Room
  • User Join/Leave- Force each caller to say their name when entering the conference room. Their name will then be played when they join or leave the Conference Room so you know who is coming and going in your Conference Room.
  • Record Conference- If set to Yes all Conference Room calls will be recorded. Please note that On Demand recording if enabled for a user is ignored by the Conference Room so the only way to record a Conference Call is to set it to yes here.
  • Mute on Join- If all callers into the Conference Room should be muted upon joining the conference room.  They can press # at anytime to unmute themselves.



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