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The WebRTC module allows users to place and receive calls directly from the User Control Panel (ARI) directly from supported Web Browsers


If the FreePBX WebRTC Phone is enabled for an extension we recommend that the USER PANEL PASSWORD be long enough and complex enough to not easily be guessed. By default the WebRTC phone will not register outside of the local network, to enable connectivity outside of the local network you will need to open ports in your firewall.

Enabling the FreePBX WebRTC Phone

  1. To enable the WebRTC Phone for a users extension.  Scroll down toward the bottom and click the Enable WebRTC Phone.  This will enable your extension to have a WebRTC softphone inside the User Control Panel.

  2. Now log into your User Control Panel and click on the WebRTC section.
    1. From here we can make outbound calls.  Make sure to press “Allow” to allow the Microphone on your computer to work.
    2. Anytime a call rings your primary extension your WebRTC phone should ring to when you have it up in your browser.


Browser Support

Currently Tested Web Browsers

  • Windows
    • Google Chrome (Working)
  • MAC
    • Google Chrome (Working)
  • Android 4.4+
    • Google Chrome (Working)


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