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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

Widgets are the new location for UCP modules. Each module get provide several widgets that can be placed into multiple dashboards.

Adding a widget

To add a new widget look for the (plus) symbol on the upper left side of UCP

After clicking the Add symbol you will be presented with the "Add Widget" dialog 

There are two different types of widgets "Dashboard Widgets" and "Side Bar Widgets". This article will focus on Dashboard widgets. For Side Bar Widgets see UCP Side Bar

On the left side you will a category list provided by each module

Upon clicking a category you will be presented with a list of widgets you can add.

Each widget has a title and description along with an icon to recognize them at a glance

To add a widget to the current dashboard click the add symbol

The widget will be placed at a default location with a default width and height.

The default width and height is determined separately by each module

Moving a widget

To move a widget click and drag the title bar of the widget. 

You can place the widget anywhere on the 12x grid. The widget will automatically snap into place, moving other (non-locked) widgets out of it's way

The position of the widget will be saved once you place it. The next time you visit this dashboard the widget will be in the same place you last left it

Resizing a widget

Widgets can be resized by moving your mouse to the lower right corner of the widget.

Some widgets have sizing restrictions and will not let you go smaller than a certain amount or larger than a certain amount

You can then click and drag to resize the widget

Deleting a widget

To delete a widget click the (X) in the widget's title bar

You will be prompted if this is the action you wish to perform

If you click accept the widget will be removed from the dashboard leaving an empty space where it used to be

Locking a widget

To lock a widget into place to prevent movement manually or automatically (when moving other widgets) click the (lock) icon in the title bar

When a widget is locked it can not be moved or resized. You will have to unlock the widget to be able to perform those actions

Widget settings

Certain widgets also have settings. Widgets with settings will have a gear icon in their title bar: 

Clicking the gear will bring up the settings dialog

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