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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

Side Bar Widgets are a location for widgets that need global access to UCP. EG these would be modules such as Presence, Phone, Chat which you'd want to use no matter which dashboard you are in.

Adding a Side Bar Widget

To add a new widget look for the (plus) symbol on the upper left side of UCP

After clicking the Add symbol you will be presented with the "Add Widget" dialog 

There are two different types of widgets "Dashboard Widgets" and "Side Bar Widgets". This article will focus on Side Bar widgets. For Dashboard Widgets see UCP Widgets

On the left side you will a category list provided by each module

Upon clicking a category you will be presented with a list of widgets you can add.

Each widget has a title and description along with an icon to recognize them at a glance

To add a widget to the Side Bar click the add symbol

The widget will now appear in the Side Bar

Click it's icon to expand the options available to you

Organize/Order Side Bar Widgets

Side Bar widgets are be reordered at any time by clicking a dragging them around

Once you have found the new position simply let go of your mouse

The new order will be saved for the next time you visit UCP

Removing a Side Bar Widget

To remove a Side Bar Widget click it's icon in the side bar.

Then click "Remove Widget" at the bottom

Side Bar Widget Settings

To access a Side Bar Widget's settings click it's icon in the side bar.

The click the gear icon to bring up the settings dialog box

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