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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

This feature requires SIPStation Service

The SMS module can be used to send and receive text messages to and from U.S. and Canadian SMS numbers.

Enabling a User to send or receive SMS's

  • Log in to the PBX UI
  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click User Management
  • In the right navigation pane click on the user you wish to edit.

  • In their settings you will see SIPStation SMS DIDs, Check the box next to the desired numbers
  • Click Submit at the bottom

Add SMS widget for your DID

  • Date: Date of when the last SMS was sent or received for this thread
  • From: What DID of yours the SMS thread was from
  • To: Who the message thread was to. Clicking on the To Number will bring up the SMS box to allow you to reply to the SMS.
  • Controls: 
      • View (eye) the history of the message

      • Delete (trash) the message

Send Message

To send a new message simply hit "Start Conversation"

A popup will appear letting you type the number you wish to send to:

Once you have entered a number a chat dialog will appear between you and the contact


From there you can type your message. Hit enter to send. You can also add emjois by pasting emojis or by clicking the emoji face in the chat window

Example Conversation:



Working with Media

You can also send/receive several different types of media 

Anything you want to send can be dragged directly onto the chat window.

It will then be sent immediately


Received messages can be clicked to download/view the original file

View Conversations

Conversations can be viewed by clicking the row in the table of conversations.

This will then popup a window with detailed information. You can also use the search box to search for specific text

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