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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

Presence state allows users to set different statuses for themselves depending on what they are currently doing. In UCP there are two places to add presence functionality. Through a widget or through the global side bar functionality.

Presence allows you to control how the PBX interacts with you as a user. 

Presence gives the system and other users in your organization a generalized status so they may respond accordingly.


Is this just a UCP thing?

Not at all this functionality is built in to the core of Asterisk and is used by many applications. These applications include but aren't limited to:

  • XactView V3
  • iSymphony V3
  • Chat client connected to your PBX through the Chat module.
  • RESTful Phone Apps
  • Zulu
  • Digium/Sangoma Phones

How do I add states to the list?

These are managed by the PBX administrator using the Presence State Module

What are the state types?

  • Available
    • Means you are Available and around and able to take calls or chat.
  • Chat
    • Usually means you prefer to be contacted by chat only and not a phone call.
  • Away 
    • Means you are away usually for a short period of time such as at lunch or in a meeting.
  • DND
    • "I am busy, do not bother me" – such as in a meeting.
  • Extended Away
    • Usually used when gone for long periods of time such as vacation or business meeting.
  • Unavailable
    • Means you generally won't show as online in a chat client.

Widget Usage

Once the widget has been added to a dashboard you will be presented with the following:

Statuses can then be selected and changed by clicking the status button.

Available states are set by the PBX administrator in the Presence State Module

Settings Window

For any given setting you can automatically set a presence state or choose to do nothing. 

Click the Settings button in the widget title bar to continue: 

On UCP Login Set Status To

When you log in to the User Control Panel perform the selected action

On Browser Close or UCP Logout Set Status To

When you close your browser (or tab) for the User Control Panel or Log off perform the selected action

Automatic Actions based on status type

On a change to the selected status type you can have the system enable certain modes such as "Do Not Disturb" or "Find Me/Follow Me"



  • Available
    • When available do the following 
  • Chat
    • When in Chat do the following 
  • Away
    • When Away do the following 
  • DND
    • When in DND do the following
  • Extended Away
    • When Extended Away do the following
  • Unavailable
    • When Unavailable do the following 

Side Bar Usage

Presence state can also be added to the side bar so it can be used regardless of what dashboard you are currently on.

For more information on Side Bar widgets see: UCP Side Bar

The functionality is the same as the widget


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