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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI


The UCP Phone (formerly WebRTC Phone) is an in-browser phone. The Phone widget allows an Administrator to enable a "WebRTC phone" that can be attached to a user's extension which they can connect to through the PBX User Control Panel, this phone will then receive phone calls at the same time as the users extension using user and device mode behind the scenes. If you have User and Device Mode enabled any extension you enable the WebRTC Phone a duplicate extension of 99XXXX will be created (where XXXX is the original extension number), when the user then views the web interface of the WebRTC phone they will be connected to device 99XXXX which will receive calls from the original extension.


At the time of writing (March 13th 2017) the APIs to utilize the in-browser phone are only supported in Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. See below for a list of supported browsers (in green or light green/yellow):

Additionally the in-browser phone requires a secure connection with a valid certificate. There is currently no way around this. You can get a free certificate through Let's Encrypt with the Certification Manager module.


Summary of ports and services related to WebRTC. If the PBX is behind a router, set up port forwarding as appropriate. Use the PBX Firewall module to limit access to trusted hosts only where possible.

Default bind port
UCP https


Defined in System Admin, Port Management. Consider using the defaul https port, 443 to keep things simple for users.
Admin http


If using Let's Encrypt setup and auto renewal, it requires /Admin access on port 80

System Admin, Port Management

Asterisk https8089Defined in Advanced settings, Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server

Enabling UCP Phone for a user

The UCP Phone can be enabled per user or per group in the User Management Module under the UCP > Phone tab.

If you have not previously correctly configured Certification Manager you will not be able to enable the phone in UCP

Adding the UCP Phone in UCP

The UCP Phone widget is only available as a Side Bar Widget

Once added the phone will show up on all dashboards to the left

Clicking the phone will bring up the dialpad. You can receive calls even when the dialpad is closed.

You can type a number into the interface and then click call to place a call.

Calls can be placed on hold by pressing the hold button:

if you close the window will in the middle of a call the call will stay connected and a countdown timer will be added to the side bar icon:

UCP Phone Settings

You can set specific settings for your phone in UCP by clicking the gear icon: 

  • Silence Ringer: Silence the ringer for inbound calls
  • Disconnect Phone: Disconnect the UCP Phone (appear as offline)



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