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UCP 14 has been updated to include new functionality called dashboards. Dashboards are collections of widgets in different configurations.

Dashboards allow users to customize their User Control Panel experience

Adding a dashboard

To add a new dashboard look for the (plus) symbol in the upper right hand side of UCP. Click this icon

Now give your dashboard a name and click "Create Dashboard"

Your new dashboard will be created. If you have not previously added any dashboards you will be placed into the dashboard you just created

To add widgets to this dashboard please see UCP Widgets

Deleting a dashboard

To delete a dashboard click the (X) symbol in the dashboard tab

A confirmation prompt will ask you to confirm

If you are actively viewing the dashboard you have just deleted you will be warned appropriately

Simply Add a new dashboard to continue

Renaming a dashboard

To rename a dashboard click the (Pencil) symbol in the dashboard tab

Change the name of the dashboard and click "Edit Dashboard"

The name will be updated in UCP

Reordering a dashboard

Dashboard Tabs can also be reordered.

Simply click and drag any dashboard tab into a new position

After letting go of the mouse button the configuration order will be instantly saved

Locking a dashboard

Locking a dashboard will lock the position and size of all widgets within.

To lock a dashboard click the (lock) icon in the Dashboard tab

When a dashboard has been locked it will look like this:

To unlock said dashboard just click the lock icon again:



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