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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

The User Control Panel (UCP) includes a built-in XMPP chat client that works in conjunction with the XMPP module. This allows users to send and receive instant messages (IMs) using a simple web browser interface.


Enable Chat

To enable chat for a user go to the User Management module and select the Chat tab. Then select "Yes" for Enabled and save. The option to add the Chat service will now appear in UCP

Chat With a User

Chat can only be added as a Side Bar Widget. You can do this through the Add Widget interface

A list of users will appear from the left. 

Click a user to bring up a chat window

From there you can type your message. Hit enter to send. You can also add emjois by pasting emojis or by clicking the emoji face in the chat window

Type your message to the recipient:

Use the return/enter key to send.

The message will be sent instantly to the receiving end
This screenshot is of Adium 

When you receive a reply you will receive a browser notification if your browser is configured to accept notifications.

Collapse or Hide the Chat Window

 / = Collapse / expand the chat window

 = Close the chat window. To re-open, click the chat icon in the side bar and select the user in the drop-down list.


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