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This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI

The Call Forwarding widget used to be part of the Device Settings page. In UCP 14+ it's now a self contained widget.

The User Management Module controls which Call Forwarding controls a user will be able to add as widgets in UCP.

  • Unconditional: Forward  calls immediately regardless of current state of line/PBX to the number entered.

  • Unavailable: Preconfigured number to which calls are forwarded if the customer endpoint becomes unresponsive due to an Internet outage or software/configuration failure of endpoint

  • Busy: Preconfigured number to which calls are forwarded if the customer endpoint is busy, usually due to being on an active call

Settings Window

In this section, you can change settings for the chosen Call Forwarding Extension.

Click the Settings button in the widget title bar to continue: 

  • CallForward Ringtimer: Number of seconds to ring prior to going to voicemail or other fail over destinations that may be setup by an administrator on this account. The Always setting will ring the call forward destination until answered or the caller hangs up. The Default setting will use the value set in Ring Time. Your setting here will be forced to Always if there is no Voicemail or alternative fail over destination for a call to go to.
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