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What is the Time Conditions module used for?

The Time Conditions module is used to control call flow based upon time and date.

The Time Conditions module creates a destination to which you can route calls. When a call arrives at the Time Condition destination, the system will check the current system time and date against the Time Group that you selected. The system will then route the call to one of two destinations that you define.

For example, you might create a Time Condition called "Closed at Lunch."  You would then select a Time Group that defines what time periods are "lunch," and then indicate that calls that come in during lunchtime should go directly to voicemail, while calls that do not come in at lunchtime should ring the Front Desk.

Time Conditions can also be used to route calls to different destinations during business hours vs. after-hours, for example.

How is the Time Conditions module related to the other modules?

Time conditions can be used anywhere in the PBX where you can specify a destination, including the Inbound Routes module, IVR module, Announcements module, and even other Time Conditions.

The Time Conditions module is directly related to the Time Groups module, which defines specific time periods used by the Time Conditions module. Time groups must be defined, and they should be created prior to creating a time condition.

The Time Conditions module is related to other modules that can choose a destination, such as Ring Groups, Queues, IVR, Inbound Routes, etc. because a time condition can be used as a call destination.

The Time Conditions module is also related to other modules that can act as a destination, because two destinations must be selected in the Time Conditions module.

How do I get to the Time Conditions module?

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Time Conditions

How do I use the Time Conditions module?

See the User Guide

See Use Case Examples

Can Time Conditions be nested?

Yes. A time condition is a destination, and so one time condition can be used as a destination in another.


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