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The Text To Speech module allows you to add text to speech (TTS) instances on your PBX. When entered as a destination in your call path, the system will play the text entered using the selected TTS engine. The call will then continue on to the target destination defined in the instance.

Depending on the TTS engine you have installed, you may want to experiment with the spelling of words phonetically to get the speech engine to pronounce them in the manner you desire. For
example, if you type the number “0” but want the system to say “Oh” instead of “Zero,” you would want to type the word “Oh.”

Logging In

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • From the drop down click Text to Speech 

Adding a Text to Speech

If not already viewing a blank form, click the Add a Text to Speech Item button to go to the form.

Main Settings


Give this TTS destination a brief name to help you identify it.


Enter the text you want to synthesize.

TTS Engines

Choose an Engine

Choose the TTS engine you want to use for this TTS instance. The drop-down menu shows available text to speech engines that have been configured by the Text to Speech Engines module. (The Text to Speech module is available under the Settings menu at the top of the GUI).


Enter the destination where the call will be sent after the Text To Speech has been played.


Click the Submit button and then click the Apply Config button.




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