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Since some of the features in the System Admin module are dependent on specific packages being installed on the PBX, we came up with a list of known "gotchas" of features that may not work on installations that are not the FreePBX Distro or PBXact. These issues do NOT apply to FreePBX Distro or PBXact systems.


The VPN is for connecting to the Support Center so that our technicians can remotely gain access to your box and assist in troubleshooting. This requires the installation of OpenVPN packages.  


The UPS section allows you to set common settings as defined in the APCUPSD package.  Please make sure you have the apcupsd RPM installed. Remember, all we do here is let you set settings. We cannot assist you with what settings to use or whether they will work with your UPS. Please see for more information on what all these settings do. See Installation on CentOS and RHEL based systems if you are not using the FreePBX Distro.


This feature is only for PBXact and the FreePBX Distro. It will not work on any other installation of FreePBX. It keeps the underlying server updated with new RPMs and releases.

Firmware Version Number

You will only see a firmware version number if you are using PBXact or the FreePBX Distro. The version number is the Distro version number, not the FreePBX GUI version number.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection only works if you install the fail2ban RPM from our repos, as it needs our changes to be made. See Installation on CentOS and RHEL based systems if you are not using the FreePBX Distro.

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