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This feature is only available in the PRO version of System Admin.


On this page you can set your FTP, TFTP and HTTP Provisioning Server information.

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click System Admin
  • In the right side navigation menu click FTP Server

Enable/Disable FTP



  • Choose FTP Server: Enabled
  • Enter a Username that FTP clients will use for authentication
  • Enter a Password that FTP clients will use for authentication
  • Click Update

The authentication string for FTP needs the format username:[email protected] for the phones to be able to retrieve their configuration files. 



  • Choose FTP Server: Disabled
  • Click Update


Enable/Disable TFTP


  • Choose Enable TFTP Server
  • Click Update



  • Choose TFTP Server: Disabled

  • Click Update

HTTP(s) Authentication

HTTP and HTTPS Authentication requires that endpoints must authenticate themselves to the server before receiving their configuration. This is normally done by configuring your DHCP Option 66 parameter to include a complete URL. Using the example below, assuming that the machine was listening on port 4443 for HTTPS Provisioning requests, the URL would be:

https://0e351a4e:[email protected]:4443


  • Port NUMBERS are configured in Port Management
  • As the username and password will be broadcast to any device that is physically connected to your local network, it is advised to use the random username and password that is generated. If you delete the string, a new one will be automatically generated for you.
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