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This page allows you to set port numbers for increased security.

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click System Admin
  • In the right side navigation box click Port Management


PortDefault Port #Function
Admin80Web port controlling the system

User Control Panel

HTTP Provisioning84Access to provisioning files
REST/GraphQL API83Access to RESTful API and GraphQL API
RESTful Phone Apps82Access to RESTful Phone Apps
LetsEncrypt80Only provides access to LetsEncrypt required files

Changing Ports

To change any of the ports, you can use the dropdown to select a port number, or pick 'Custom Port' to select your own. When complete, click the Update Now button. Your changes will take effect immediately.


The LetsEncrypt service returns an error when any file is requested, apart from files required by LetsEncrypt for certificate generation/renewal. This allows you leave port 80 exposed to the outside world, without concern that any other services are potentially exposed.  When any file is request, the request will return a 'Permission Denied'.  LetsEncrypt only works over HTTP, not HTTPS, which is why the 'HTTPS' port is disabled.

Disabling a Service

To disable a service inside Apache, set the port to be Disabled

Configuring HTTPS

HTTPS is only available when you have assigned a SSL Certificate to the machine through the System Admin → HTTPS Setup page. You will not be able to assign ports until that is complete.

Force https

By populating the 'https Address' field, toggling the 'Force' button for one or more services, you can configure http service requests to be force redirected to https. If a misconfiguration results in the admin GUI becoming inaccessible, you can use 'fwconsole sysadmin clearforce' to resolve.

Secure Provisioning

Please note that Secure Provisioning is only available when Sysadmin Pro is activated on the server.

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