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This assigns certificates (generated or imported with the Certificate Manager module) to Apache, for use with web-based protocols (such as REST apps, UCP, and the Admin Control Panel)

Logging in

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down click System Admin
  • In the right side navigation menu click HTTPS Setup
  • Click the Settings tab


  • After generating or importing a certificate through Certificate manager, select it from the drop down menu in HTTPS Setup, and click 'Save and Restart Apache'.
  • Setting "Weaker Cipher" to Disabled will disable certain specific older ciphers for the Apache SSL parameter. See Apache ssl.conf for details, disabled ciphers will be prefixed by a ! character. 
  • You can keep the default selection for SS protocols (recommended), or you can customize Apache using the toggles to enable only specific protocols. 
  • After adjusting ciphers and/or protocols, ensure that https downloads are not affected, particularly for provisioning legacy hardware devices.
  • After installation, you will then be able to use HTTPS ports in Port Management



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