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This module is used to tie commercial licenses to your server. Your machine must be activated in order to install and use commercial modules. Note that some free modules are classified as commercial and require your machine to be activated.

Logging In

  • On the top menu click Admin
  • In the drop down menu click System Admin
  • In the right menu click Activation. Note: on older versions, this may be called "License."

Server with a Deployment ID

When your system has a Deployment ID, you will see a summary of your licenses. 

Deployment ID

This is your PBX deployment ID used when purchasing modules and obtaining support.

Activation Expiry

The machine will automatically reactivate before this date.

Registered Modules

These are products your deployment is licensed for. Here you will see the module name and when the license expires.


Do not press the De-Activate button unless you wish to move a deployment ID to new hardware. If you press the button and type "confirm" in the pop-up window, this will remove the activation from the machine and reset the activation state back to "un-activated." If you have any commercial modules, they will become disabled immediately.

De-Activate button, along with the number of Zend resets remaining, displays under the list of registered modules.  NOTE by default we allow 2 resets per deployment - this means you have the abillity to install/move the license to 3 distinct hardware platforms; after those resets have been exhausted users can submit a ticket for an additional reset if needed. This ticket will be reviewed and a decision on the reset made.

If we determine the deployment ID is being used on different hardware each time, the request will be denied.

Commercial modules are licensed to a specific Deployment ID, which is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX. If you are moving a deployment to new hardware, you will need to remove the deployment ID from the previous hardware before it can be associated with the new hardware.

More Info: How to Remove a Deployment ID-License File from your PBX

Adding New Items

If you have assigned a new module to your deployment, such as by purchasing a new commercial module in the Portal store, you will need to update your registered modules here in System Admin. Otherwise you will not have access to the new module.

To add the new item, click the Update Activation button. This will pull updated license information from our license server and give you access to the new module(s).

Server without a Deployment ID

If your system does not yet have a Deployment ID, you'll need to follow the instructions in our Registering Your System for Commercial Modules wiki. Your system needs a Deployment ID before commercial modules can be tied to it. After you've registered your system, you can update your activation as described above.

Buying Commercial Modules

Commercial modules extend the functionality of your PBX. We have a wiki with more information on How to Purchase Commercial Modules. If you have questions about purchasing commercial modules, and are unable to find the answers in our online wiki, please open up a ticket in the Sales Related Request category of our support system at


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  1. So the promotion has ended.  How do I get rid of the activation GUI and restore the basic open license sysadmin options?

  2. My SSD on a Sangoma System 60 died and I wasn't able to deactivate.  We had bought the System Admin Module. How do I transfer the deployment and System Admin activation to a new box?

    1. for support please visit https//