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Configuring the interconnection with QSC requires just few parameters to be set in the SIP/PJSIP section of your PBXact. Two section are involved:

  • SIP Settings
  • Trunks

SIP Settings

Chan PJSIP Settings

In the module SIP Settings go to tab Chan PJSIP Settings and configure the settings in this suggested way

Enable transport for udp/tcp/tls on IP address (if you prefer you can define any other socket choosing the right one for you)

Check at the very bottom of this page which ports are in use for each protocol: adjust the value of Port to Listen On with your preferred


In the module “Trunks” create a new trunk selecting  chan_pjsip type


In the General section of the new Trunk, give the trunk a name and define the Outbound Caller ID with the assigned Phone Number, optionally define “Maximum Channels” value

Pjsip Settings / General

Go to pjsip Settings and in the General sub tab insert:

  • Username: Your Account Number
  • Secret: Your assigned Secret
  • SIP Server:
  • SIP Server Port: 5060
  • Context: from-pstn
  • Transport: choose between udp or tcp (tls at the moment is not fully tested)

Pjsip Settings / Advanced

Go to pjsip Settings and in the Advanced sub tab insert:


Useful asterisk commands:

  • pjsip show aors
    • Shows all the AORs in memory
  • pjsip show aor <trunk-name>
    • Shows specific trunk status

  • pjsip show registrations

    • Shows all the remote registration in memory

  • pjsip show registration <trunk-name>
    • Shows specific trunk registration status


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