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The setup to use IQ trunks is intended for systems that have no other trunks enabled. The steps listed here may break the outbound dialing of existing trunks.

Centurylink(CL) will provide a data set that will be similar to the following:

Group TN: 5554441212
Pilot TN: 5554441210
Pilot User:
Trunk Group SIP ID: 262530-5554441210 
Trunk Group SIP Password: 3Cj8G42m8 
CenturyLink SBC IPv4 Address: 
CenturyLink SBC IPv6 Address: [0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001]:5100 

Step-by-step guide

There are a few preparatory steps that I suggest you do 1st to have them out of the way: 

  1. Edit the /etc/hosts file to include the IP should resolve to ( note that every account may have a different SBC IP so use what CL provides.) localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4
    ::1 localhost localhost6 

  2. Edit the /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf to include the following

    exten => s,1,SIPAddHeader(P-Asserted-Identity: "5554441210" <sip:5554441[email protected]>)
    exten => s,n(done),MacroExit()
  • Setup the actual SIP Trunk. At this time the instructions are for chan_sip, pjsip trunk instructions are not available yet.

    -Name the trunk something that makes sense for you
    -Use the Pilot TN: 5554441210 for Outbound CallerID

    - Set the Trunk Name to "Centurylink_SIP
    - Populate the PEER Details:

    username=262530-5554441210 <-- Trunk Group SIP ID: 262530-5554441210 
    secret= 3Cj8G42m8 <-- Trunk Group SIP Password: 3Cj8G42m8 
    ;directmedia=nat <-- NOTE that you should only enable this when behind a router and am using NAT


    - USER Context as the Pilot TN: 5554441210

    - USER Details as 'type=peer'

    - Register String as [email protected]:3Cj8G42m8:[email protected]:5100/5554441210~3600

  • Pilot User:Trunk Group SIP Password:Trunk Group SIP ID@CenturyLink SBC IPv4 Address/Pilot TN~3600 ( tilde 3600)

At this point submit and apply config. You will still need to add your Inbound Routes as needed.


1 Comment

  1. If you have more than 1 IQ SIP Trunk, this might be a solution for you!

    REGEX matchs the TRUNKOUTCID (set on Trunk page / OUTBOUND CallerID) and then Execif to set the  proper PAI for the trunk being used.  Outbound CallerID must be unique for each Trunk.

    exten => s,1,Execif(${REGEX("5554441234" ${TRUNKOUTCID})}?SIPAddHeader(P-Asserted-Identity: <>)
    exten => s,n,Execif(${REGEX("5554441235" ${TRUNKOUTCID})}?SIPAddHeader(P-Asserted-Identity: <>)
    exten => s,n(done),MacroExit()