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Not all versions of Salesforce allow API access, specifically certain types of trial accounts. Before proceeding, ensure that Salesforce API access is permitted for your Organization. See the following KB Article for more information.

Salesforce Editions with API Access

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

Log into your salesforce account as an administrator.

(depictions below based on SalesForce Lightning Experience)

Click the settings gear


 Click the arrow next to apps to expand then click on apps manager


Click New Connected App

Fill in the required fields marked with a red stripe. Optionally add a description

  • Click on Enable OAuth settings to show the OAuth settings.
  • Add the url of your PBX. Note this MUST be https and you MUST include the full path including the parameters as shown.
  • Add the scopes shown below. Full is NOT full. The other scopes are needed. 

Click Save

After clicking save,  you will see something like this, just click Continue

Now, you have 2 things to copy: 

  • Consumer Key: (API Key)
  • Consumer Secret: (API Secret) 

You will need them at Sangoma CRM module on your PBX.

Click to reveal the consumer secret, you need this for module setup.



Go to Module Setup






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