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Queues by default will sort callers with a first-in, first-out order. The Queue Priority module allows you weight some callers differently from others. By giving certain callers a higher priority, they are allowed to bypass all of the other callers with a lower priority to receive faster service. The default setting is for all callers to have a priority of zero. Callers with a higher number will be placed in front of priority zero callers. Queue priorities are often used when providing service level agreements (SLAs).

After you have created a queue priority, you can set it as a destination in any other module. A call that flows through the queue priority instance will retain its priority setting even if the next destination is not a queue. The priority would be retained when the caller reaches a queue later in the call flow.

Logging in

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Queue Priority

Adding a Queue Priority

Click the Add Priority button.

Fill out the form as described below.


Create a descriptive name for the queue priority you are setting. We suggest you use a description that easily identifies the queue priority. ie. "VIP Customers"


Caller priorities can be set from 0-20. The default setting for all calls is zero. The higher the number, the higher the priority assigned.


This section is for selecting the call target that the caller will be sent to with their new priority. From this point forward, the caller will have a priority weight as set in the priority field above when they enter any queue. Please note that the destination does not have to be a queue. It could be an IVR or any other destination on your PBX. Once assigned a priority, the system will recognize the priority in any queue the call eventually enters.


  • Click the Submit button.
  • Click the Apply Config button.


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