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On this page you can set your presence state for various actions

Changing your status

View the wiki here on how to change your presence on the fly anytime.


For any given setting you can automatically set a presence state or choose to do nothing. 

Available states are set by the PBX administrator in the Presence State Module

On UCP Login Set Status To

When you log in to the User Control Panel perform the selected action

On Browser Close or UCP Logout Set Status To

When you close your browser (or tab) for the User Control Panel or Log off perform the selected action

Automatic Actions based on status type

On a change to the selected status type you can have the system enable certain modes such as "Do Not Disturb" or "Find Me/Follow Me"


When available do the following 


When in Chat do the following 


When Away do the following 


When in DND do the following 

Extended Away

When Extended Away do the following 


When Unavailable do the following 

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