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This wiki is for the standard Pin Sets module. For the commercial version, see PINSet Pro.

What is the PIN Sets Module used for?

FreePBX allows you to require callers to dial a password before an outbound call will go through.  You can require a password on all calls, or only on calls to certain numbers.

The PIN Sets Module allows you to create define groups and then assign a list of passwords to each group.  You can then restrict certain calls to certain groups by going to the Outbound Routes Module and limiting the route to a certain PIN Set group.  each Outbound Route can be limited to just one PIN Set group.  So, if you want to allow more than one PIN Set group to make a certain type of call, just create a duplicate Outbound Route and assign the second Outbound Route to a different PIN Set Group.

For example, you might create a PIN set group called "Managers."  In the group, you might create 2 PINs, i.e. 1234 for the President of the Company and 4321 for the Vice President.  You might then create an Outbound Route for international calls, and in the PIN Set Field of the Outbound Routes Module, limit that route to "Managers."  Then, when any phone attempted to dial an international call, the person would be prompted for a PIN that matches one of the allowed PINs in the Managers module.  

The PIN used should also appear in the Call Detail Records in the accountcode field.

How Do I Get to the PIN Sets Module?

To access the PIN Sets Module in FreePBX 2.10 and later, access the graphical user interface using a web browser.  Click on the "Settings" pull down menu at the top and then select "PIN Sets".

What Do Each of the PIN Sets Options Mean?

You can get a general description of what each option does by placing your mouse on the question mark to the right of the option, and a tooltip will appear that explains the option. 

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