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Commercial Module


Phone Apps are a suite of phone applications that integrate directly with FreePBX and PBXact, and our commercial End Point Manager, to simplify using and managing the features of your phone and the PBX. In a nutshell, Phone Apps allow you to fully use many handy phone features that you may not have used before because they were simply too hard or obscure to learn..


The commercial End Point Manager module, available separately, is required to use the FreePBX Phone Apps. The Phone Apps module needs to receive data from End Point Manager in order for most applications to work correctly.

Only Sangoma phones fully support Phone Apps and are guaranteed by Sangoma to work with them. Other brands of phones may support some Phone Apps (see list of Compatible Devices below); however, Sangoma cannot guarantee other phone brands' support. Often, manufacturers will make changes to the firmware for their phones in a way that impacts the Phone Apps. When that happens, it takes time for us to identify the issue and then for the manufacturer to correct it in future firmware releases. Therefore, Sangoma guarantees the usability of the Phone Apps only on Sangoma phones.

Phone Apps allow users to control phone functions and settings directly from the LCD screen of their phone, greatly simplifying routine phone functions such as forwarding, transfer, conference calls, managing queues, etc. The goal of Phone Apps is to empower users to intuitively manage call settings and features directly from their phone, so they don't have to use hard-to-remember feature codes and/or logging into the PBX GUI to modify commonly-used settings. We believe this feature really sets Sangoma's PBX and phones apart from the competition. Once you try using Phone Apps, you will never want to go back to memorizing or having cheat-sheets for obscure function codes or hard-to-remember button sequences to control common phone features.

Compatible Devices