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What is the Parking Module used for?

This module creates and configures parking lots, sometimes referred to as parking orbits, where calls can be transferred in order to allow another extension to retrieve the calls. This ability is a form of putting a call on hold so that the intended party can retrieve the call from elsewhere. The standard module allows for the configuration of a single parking lot available to all phones on the system while the Parking Pro module allows multiple parking lots to be configured as well as other features discussed below. When a call is parked, by transferring that call to the configured parking extension, the call is placed into one of the parking slots configured by this module and announced to the ‘parker.’ The slot can be dialed from other phones to retrieve the parked call or if the call times out and is not retrieved in a timely manner, the parked call can be configured to ring back to the parker or sent to other destinations configured in the system. Parking can be greatly enhanced by programming a phone’s BLF buttons to the configured parking slots as well as when used in conjunction with visual tools like XactView operator panels and modules like Phone apps.

When combined with Paging Pro, Parking Pro offers a Park and Announce capability that provides a very powerful and automated way of parking a caller. Park and Announce allows for a call to be parked in conjunction with an automatic announcement sent to the configured Page Group. The parked call can then be announced to that page group with a configured message, the parking slot that the caller is parked in and an optional recorded message or name by the caller being parked. This ability can be manually triggered just like normal parking, by transferring a caller into a Park and Announce extension, or can be fully automated by directing a call flow, usually from an inbound route or IVR, to a Park and Announce destination.

How is the  Parking Module related to the other Modules?

 Parking is used in conjunction with extensions to hold callers. 

How Do I Get to the Parking Module?

  • Log in to the PBX UI.
  • On the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Parking


See the User Guide

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