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This wiki is for the commercial Paging Pro add-on. For the standard module, see Paging and Intercom Module.

Commercial Module


The Paging Pro module expands the existing Paging & Intercom module to add the following features: Outbound Notifications, Valet-Style (Airport-Style) Paging, Prepend Recording, and Scheduled Pages.

Outbound Notifications

The system can notify a group of phones when a user dials a specific number, such as 911. Any page group can be linked in the outbound routes module. When a call is placed, a page will go out to the page group, notifying the group of what number was dialed and which user dialed the number. Any page group user can dial *1 to barge into the call and speak.

Valet-Style Paging (Airport-Style)

The valet paging option records your page and sends the audio file to all the page group devices after you hang up. This option is available on a per-page-group basis. You can also tell the system to only use the valet option when someone dials a page group that is already in use.

Prepend Recording

With this option, the system plays a recorded message to the page group before the person making the page can start speaking.

Scheduled Pages

You can define custom schedules to have the system page a group of devices and play a recording. This is a great replacement for school bell systems or lunch break buzzers, for example.

 User Guides

For Page Pro options only, please see the Page Pro-Admin Guide

For a complete guide on the Paging and Intercom module, including Page Pro options, please see the Paging and Intercom User Guide