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  • The PBX Vega Management Module is designed for FreePBX 14 and above. To identify which version your system is on please reference System Admin - Updates

  • Verify the Vega gateway is accessible to the PBX. FreePBX / PBXact uses SSH port 22 (default) to communicate with Vega Gateways.

  • In a NAT environment, where Vega Gateway is behind a firewall, The Vega SSH port (22) needs to be exposed to PBX so that PBX can communicate with Vega


The PBX Vega Management Module is designed to manage and monitor all Vega gateways associated with the FreePBX and PBXact PBX system.

Using the Vega Gateway Management Module, one can easily manage a cluster of Vega gateways located on LAN or WAN. 


  • Dashboard overview
  • Gateway Status
  • Configuration management
  • Firmware management

Supported Vega Gateways: Vega 60G FXS/FXO, 3000G, 3050G Analog Gateways and Vega 100G/200G/400G E1/T1 Digital Gateways.

Coming Soon: Vega 60 BRI gateways.


The Vega Gateway Module is already pre-installed in FreePBX 14 and PBXact 14.

If you have FreePBX/PBXact 13 and below please follow PBX Vega Gateway Module Installation steps in order to install Vega Gateway module.

Getting Started 

Follow the steps below to begin using the PBX Vega management module with your Vega Gateway(s).

  1. Association of Vega gateways with FreePBX
           a. Discovery of Vega gateways in your network 
           b. Adding a Vega gateway manually   

  2. Vega Gateways configuration 
    1. FXS Gateway configuration 
    2. FXO Gateway configuration
    3. Digital / E1T1 PRI Gateway configuration

  3. Vega gateways Firmware management
    1. Firmware upgrade 
    2. Firmware management 

  4. Vega gateway monitoring
  5. Vega Gateway Backup / Restore

  6. Troubleshooting
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