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Commercial Module


The Outbound Call Limiting module allows you to limit how many times a specific number can be called during a certain time period. For example, if you have an outbound route for California-based numbers and have outbound call limiting in place on that route, the module would only allow you to make the allowed number of calls to any specific number in California. When exceeding the call limit during the specified time period, any additional calls to that number would be blocked, and a recording would advise you that the call is not allowed.

Call Limiting Logic

An outbound call limit is assigned to an outbound route, but the limit only applies to calls made to the same number. The system counts the number of calls made to a specific number, not the total number of calls sent out the route. You can still use the same route to make calls to other numbers after you have reached the call limit for a specific number. For example, if you set a call limit of "1 per hour," you can call an unlimited number of different phone numbers within that hour, but cannot call the same number twice.

If you plan to limit some routes but not others, be very careful with dialpatterns and route order. Remember, when selecting a route, the system searches for the "first" match, not the "best" match. For example, if you are trying to limit calls to numbers in the 920 area code, but not restrict other calls, you might have a route for 920NXXXXXX and another route for NXXNXXXXXX, with call limiting set up on the 920 route but not on the other. In this case, it would be important to place the 920 route above (prior to) the more "generic" route, or else a call to a 920- number would match the generic route first, and no call limits would be in effect.

Creating a Call Limit

Navigate to the Outbound Call Limiting module:

  • In the top menu go to Connectivity
  • In the drop-down menu go to Outbound Call Limit

Click the Add Call Limit button.

There are three sections: the name of this call limit, the call limit definition(s), and the message to be played when the limit is reached.


Enter the name of your outbound call limit rule to make it easier to identify when selecting it in your outbound route.

Call Limit Parameters

Here, you can set up to three sets of call limit parameters. This section defines the maximum number of calls to the same telephone number that can be made in a single period.

You can enter a number of calls and a number of hours, days, or months for each line.

For example, a maximum of three calls per day:

Another example, a maximum of one call per two hours:

If you do not wish to use a line, simply leave the time period drop-down menu at its default Unused selection.

Note that the call limit will look for a match in all fields. This means, for example, if you have a maximum of "10 calls per 5 hours," and also have a maximum of "5 calls per 1 day," the call limit will block calls after you have made 5 calls to the same number within the same day, because a match will be found on the "per day" field.

Limit Reached Message

Select the recording to be played to the caller when they have hit this limit and are unable to complete their outbound call. You can select the Default recording or a system recording. To create additional system recordings, visit the System Recordings module.


When finished, click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.

Editing/Deleting a Call Limit

You can go back to any call limit at any time by clicking on the List Call Limits button if you are not already at the module home screen.

To Edit: Click the pencil button , make changes, click the Submit button, and then click the Apply Config button.

To Delete: Click the trash button , click OK to confirm the deletion, and then click the Apply Config button.

Linking an Outbound Route to a Call Limit

After you have created a call limit, you will need to link it to an outbound route in order to actually begin limiting calls.

This wiki assumes you are familiar with the Outbound Routes module and have created an outbound route that you would like to limit. This wiki will only cover the call limit feature of outbound routes. If you need more information on working with the outbound routes module, please see the Outbound Routes Module User Guide.

Navigate to the outbound routes module:

  • In the top menu go to Connectivity
  • In the drop-down menu go to Outbound Routes

In our example, we've created a "920 Area Code" route with dialpatterns that will match calls to the 920 area code.

Click the edit button for the outbound route that you with to edit.

Click the Additional Settings tab.

Select a call limit from the Call Limit drop-down menu.

When finished, click the Submit button, then click the Apply Config button.