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What is the Music on Hold Module used for?

The Music on Hold Module is used to upload audio files to your PBX from your web browser and to divide the files into various Music on Hold Categories.  You can select which category to use for particular calls in the Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes, Ring Groups, and Queues Modules.

How Do I Get to the Music on Hold Module?

  • From the top menu click Settings
  • In the drop down click Music on Hold

How do I Use the Music on Hold Module?

See the User Guide

Where does Asterisk store Music on Hold Files?

As of Asterisk 1.8, the default category of Music on Hold files are stored at


Any other category is stored at:

/var/lib/asterisk/moh/name of category/

As of FreePBX 2.10, Music on Hold files can be managed entirely from the command line with no adverse effects.  You may find it easier to upload and move files from one category to another by using SSH to access your machine and then using scp to upload files, and cp or mv to copy or move files into categories.  When you're done, issue amportal restart from the command line to restart Asterisk and FreePBX and have them rescan the Music on Hold Files.

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