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Missed call notification feature will alerts the user when a call has been made to their device / extension but was not answered.

This feature typically sends an alert to the user via email, indicating that a call was missed and providing the caller's phone number or contact information. This feature is designed to help users quickly and easily return calls they may have missed.


We can use "check online" method of Updates to find "missedcall" module and proceed with the installation of this module.

Or we can download via cli. 

fwconsole ma downloadinstall missedcall

Module Functionality

This open source module allows the sending of Missed call notifications to the user's configured email address, on following events - 

  • Missed Internal call
  • Missed External call
  • Missed from Queue call
  • Missed from Ring Group call.

The extension must include a valid email address in its user manager account. Otherwise, it will not be present in the Missed call notification module dashboard list.

Landing page will display the list of available extensions and whether Missed Call Notification feature enable for the mentioned extensions or not along with other above mentioned configured call scenarios settings.

Enable / Disable of the Missed Call notification feature and respective allowed call flows can be done from the user manager.  

Edit extension option will redirect to respective extensions' user manager page to do the configuration.

We can also use Enable/Disable button to do the bulk enable/disable of missed call notification feature on multiple extensions.

Missed Call Notification module landing page dashboard 

Missed Call Notification Email Template 

This setting will allow the user to choose there own EMAIL template while sending the email notification for the missed call to the users.


With the help of userman module, we an configure the Missed call module settings either for the group or for the individual users.

Bulk handler

Bulk handler module supports the Importing and Exporting of the users with Missed call module required configuration parameters.

Feature Code

Feature codes module supports below configurable feature codes for the Missed Call module. 


Side UCP, we can use a Widget and a Simple Widget to the left bar, clicking on the Envelope icon.

If the Widget doesn't appear into everywhere, please check debug in ssh console.

Maybe there is an issue with the email address.

Backup & Restore 

Backup & Restore  module supports this newly created module so we can choose/select this module while taking Backup.

Not supported call flows

Find Me Follow Me is not supported. In the event that we receive a call to any extension and FMFM is activated on it, there will be no notification.
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